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Elite Carpet Cleaning Busselton offers a range of professional cleaning services…

Differences between Drycleaning and competition:


Dry cleaning

No other so called dry cleaning systems uses the same evaporative cleaning agents as they are produced solely for Elite. There are other companies that use similar looking equipment that don’t produce the same results that we do.


This cleaning process uses detergent based products. It will often leave a sticky residue which aids rapid re-soiling. Conversely Elite uses a unique evaporative process which leaves absolutely no residue which ensures your carpets stay cleaner for longer. Less cleans means less cost to you.


The Elite process often uses 90% less water which obviates the associated problems of shrinking, stretching, musky odours and mildew. Most steam cleaners use truck mounts with hoses dragged through your property. Our equipment is portable and has great advantages also with multi story apartments and two story houses.